Creating an eCVI in SmartICVI

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Creating an electronic CVI (eCVI) is a fast and straightforward process in SmartICVI. It utilizes a step-by-step workflow to guide you through the creation process. 

Log in to with your username and password to access the Workspace. If this is your first time using SmartICVI, the Workspace will be empty.

Click the blue +New button to start a new eCVI.

The eCVI screen is broken up into 3 sections.

  1. Name - This is the name of the eCVI record in RxExpress.
  2. Workflow - These are the steps needed to complete the eCVI
  3. Data Entry - This is where you enter the data in each step of the workflow.

Name Your eCVI

By default, SmartICVI will name your eCVI with a date and time stamp. 

Click the current name to change it.

Enter the new name, then click the blue Check button to save the new name.

Fill Out Your CVI

SmartICVI walks you through the creation process using the step-by-step workflow found on the left side of the page. Simply click each step, fill out the required fields, then move to the next step.

The following is a table that shows the type of information found on each step.

Tab Name Description
Case Identification Use this section to choose the State of Origin and the State of Destination. A unique Certificate number is assigned to the eCVI based on the state of origin.
Consignor (Origin Location) Enter information about the origin location of the animals. Also choose whether to notify the consignor of the eCVI creation.
Consignee (Destination Location) Enter information about the destination location and choose whether or not this party will receive notification of the eCVI creation.
Carrier (Transporter) Use this section to specify whether the carrier of the animals is the consignor, consignee, or a third party. Information about third party carriers must be provided. Choose whether or not to send the eCVI to the carrier.
Veterinary Certifications Provide information about the veterinary inspection.
Animals and Tests Provide information about the animals as well as the test run and their results.
Veterinarian Signature Enter the veterinarian's information as well as allows the veterinarian to sign the eCVI. Signing the eCVI will send it via email to the states identified on it. 
Attachments Attach documents and pictures to the CVI as needed.
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