Creating a VFD in RxExpress

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Creating a VFD in RxExpress

Creating a VFD is simple and fast using RxExpress.

Log into and use your Username and Password to sign into the “Workspace” Screen below.  If this is the first time that you have logged into your Account, the “Workspace” could be empty.


To begin a new VFD, click on the blue “+ new Record” button in the upper left corner of the Cases Screen.

Click on “Veterinary Feed Directive”.

Click on the blue “Create Case” button.


 The VFD protocol will open directly to the “Overview” Tab.

RxExpress guides a User through the steps to create a compliant VFD using the tabs on the left side of the screen. 

Begin entering data in the “Overview” tab.  The Issuance Date is automatically populated to the current date but can be edited to any date.  The Expiration Date defaults to 6 months and can also be edited to any date less than 6 months from the Issuance Date. 


Notes and Documents can either be added directly into the Overview tab.

Note: To add a Note or Document, click on the blue “+” button in the appropriate section.  A popup screen will appear that will allow you to enter a note.  You can enter multiple notes by clicking on the blue “+” button again.   that will remain with the electronic VFD for review. 

Click on the blue “+” button next to Documents to add any spreadsheets, word files or photographs to the VFD. Documents can be added from your computer directory or dragging and dropping a file into the shaded box.

Once Notes or Documents are added to the VFD, they will remain a part of the electronic VFD record in RxExpress.  

The Overview tab also shows the Case History.  The Case History tracks every User who accesses the VFD and what changes are made with a date and time stamp.  This creates a compliance history for the VFD.

Click on the Feed Mill/Distributer Tab on the left side of the screen or use the forward arrow button at the bottom of the screen to move the Feed Mill/Distributor tab.

Fill out all fields in this tab to identify the Feed Mill or Distributor where the VFD will be filled or populate this tab by using the “Memorize” function. (See “RxExpress Memorize”).  Fields with an asterisk are required before a VFD can be signed. 

Once data has been typed into this tab, it is available in the “Memorize” field to be used for future VFDs. 

Click on the Client/Complex Tab on the left side of the screen or use the forward arrow button at the bottom of the screen to move the Client/Complex tab.

In the Client/Complex tab, enter the specific information for the Client and Premises where the animals that are being treated reside.  You can enter multiple Premises for a Client by scrolling down in this tab and using the “+” buttons to add Premises. 

If a Client/Complex has many Premises, this tab can also be populated quickly and error free by uploading the data using an Excel .CSV file. See (Uploading Client/Premise using a .CSV file).

Once the Client/Premise tab has been populated, it will be available for future VFDs using the “Memorize” function.    

Click on the Drug Tab on the left side of the screen or use the forward arrow button at the bottom of the screen to move the Drug tab.

Enter the Species of animal that the VFD will address.  Once the Species is entered, the Drug field will become visible with a drop down menu of VFD drugs specific to the Species that was entered.  

Click on the appropriate Drug.

A unique “Drug Level Builder” tool will be available to aid in populating the required Drug Level field.  Indications and Withdrawl Time is automatically populated using the most updated industry Drug label from the Drug manufacturer.

Choose the appropriate check box for drug combination instructions.

The drug label itself is available in this tab for review. It can be opened in a separate window or can be printed out as a PDF. 

Once the Drug tab is complete, the data entered will be available in the “Memorize” field for future VFDs.

Click on the Veterinarian Tab on the left side of the screen or use the forward arrow button at the bottom of the screen to move the Veterinarian tab.

Fill out all required fields in the Veterinarian tab including professional license information.  If a Veterinarian is licensed in multiple states, make sure that the “State of License” matches the state of the Premises where the animals are to be treated.  You can enter multiple state licenses and they will be stored individually in the “Memorize” menu.

Once all tabs are filled out, a VFD can be either Completed and Signed if you have a Veterinarian role (from the Veterinarian tab) or moved to Review if you have a Producer/Distributor role (from the Overview tab).

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