Uploading Animal Identification Data Using a CSV File

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Before you begin: The Animal identification data must be uploaded using a specific format. You can download the template file by clicking here. Once you've downloaded the file, enter the information for your animals into the file and save it somewhere easily accessible. Then, you can complete the steps shown in this article. 

Animal information can be uploaded using a CSV file. This is very useful when creating a CVI for a large number of animals.

Before we begin, there are a couple of things to keep in mind about this process.

  • Once the list of Animals has been uploaded, those Animals will be tied to that Group or Lot ID through Memorize. This means that if you select that Group or Lot ID in Memorize, all the Animal information will also be populated without you needing to upload the CSV file again. 
  • Information uploaded through his process will overwrite any information already entered.
  • Note that the Animal information must be formatted according to the template file linked at the beginning of this document. The file must also be saved as a CSV file.

The following steps will show you how to upload a CSV file with Animal data.  

Create a new CVI, or open an existing, unsigned CVI.

Click the Animals and Tests tab in the left menu.

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen.

Click anywhere inside the gray box labeled "Drag and Drop CSV file here OR click anywhere to select CSV file".

Navigate to the place on your computer where you saved your Animal data CSV file. 

Select the file. Note that only CSV files are selectable. All other file types are dithered out.

Click the Open button.

The data from the CSV file is loaded into the CVI as Individual Animal Identifications. You can do the following with the Animal data in the CVI:

  • Remove the information for a single Animal by clicking the Trash Can button for that Animal.
  • Edit the data in any field for the premise. Remember that the edited data will be stored in Memorize the next time you write a CVI for this Group or Lot ID.
  • Add more Animals by clicking the blue + button above your Animal data. You will have to manually fill in any data for Animals you add this way.

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