Adding a Workflow Protocol to your DVM Dx Account

Jill Kahkoska -

 Adding a Workflow Protocol to your DVM Dx Account

Workflow Protocols can be added to your DVM Dx account by an Account Administrator in any active DVM Dx Account. 

Log into your DVM Dx Account and click on the green Account button.

Click on "Account" and the Account screen will appear.


Too add a workflow protocol, click in the “Add Workflows” field.  A drop down down menu will appear with all DVM Dx Workflow Protocols listed alphabetically.

Choose all the Workflow Protocols that you want to add to the Account and click the blue “add” button when complete.

The workflow protocols that were added will be visible in the Workflows section of the Account screen.  Workflow protocols can be deleted by clicking in the box next to the protocol and clicking the red “Delete” key.


  • Workflow Protocols can be added by the Account Admin Roles in the DVM Dx Web Portal.
  • Workflow Protocols can be deleted and added at any time.



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