DVM Dx Quick Launch Training Program

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You are ready to implement DVM Dx, an innovative new technology solution that allows Veterinary practices to provide their clients with the latest in Diagnostics and Animal Health Management techniques.  Using DVM Dx, you can integrate remote diagnostic protocols, prescribe more accurate treatments and ensure valid client/patient relationships.  And you’ll build a searchable database for your practice that will support billing, audits and regulatory compliance requirements.


The DVM Dx Quick Launch Program will allow you to get DVM Dx set up quickly for your practice so that you can begin creating value for your clients immediately.  New Planet Technologies experts will work in your environment to create the best plan for implementing DVM Dx in your practice while minimizing the burden on your administrative and IT staff.  DVM Dx can be customizable to your practice’s needs and you will continue to receive the support of the customer success team as your practice grows.

 Your Quick Launch support will ensure that your DVM Dx application is installed, configured and working quickly.  At the end of the Quick Launch experience, your team will be capable of making administrative changes as your practice grows, and creating a workflow process that allows users to capture data in the field and health care practitioners to review cases with confidence. The Quick Launch training will prepare your team to support day to day administrative requirements and ensure that DVM Dx is fully utilized with all the great features that are available.

 A New Planet expert will conduct training sessions onsite or via web conferencing to include:

  • Account Administrator Training (2 hrs.)
    • Set Up of Account including Locations, Users, and Groups
    • Ensure all Mobile Devices have downloaded the DVM Dx App and are synched with appropriate Accounts.
    • Ensure that Referral Network Pricing, Terms and Conditions are set up and available.
    • Assigning appropriate “Roles” to Users
    • Set up of subscription billing
    • Review of Help Center


  • Veterinary Health Care Provider Training (Web Portal and Mobile App) (2.5 hrs.)
    • Creating a new Case
    • Review of Workflow Protocols
    • Adding Media, Notes and Documentation to a Case
    • Completing and Signing off a Diagnosis
    • Referring a Case
    • Set up of QA Process where appropriate
    • Design of Workflow Process for Producers to meet HCP requirements
    • Set up Case reporting for clients and practitioners.
    • Review of Help Center


  • Producer/Client Training (Web Portal and Mobile App) (2.5 hrs.)
    • Creating a new Case
    • Review of Workflow Protocols and features
    • Review of Veterinary Health Care Provider requirements
    • Adding Media, Notes and Documentation to a Case
    • Moving a Case to “Review” state
    • Review of Veterinary Diagnostics and final reports
    • Review of Help Center


The following deliverables will be left with the customer at the conclusion of the Quick Launch program:

  • Comprehensive configuration documentation including:
    • Log in and Password Summary
    • Access to Admin Help Center
    • Priority Quick Help contact information


  • DVM Dx Quick Launch program is customizable. We currently offer the following:
    • 7 hr. Onsite training for Account Admin, Health Care Provider and Client Producers - $750 plus travel accommodations.
    • 7 hr. Virtual Training for Account Admin, Health Care Provider and Client Producers - $525
    • Please contact New Planet Technologies for custom pricing for additional Training

New Planet Technologies guaranties that the DVM DX Quick Launch program provides the fastest, highest ROI and most efficient implementation of the DVM Dx application into your practice.




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