Signing up for your DVM Dx Account

Jill Kahkoska -

Signing Up for DVM DX

Signing Up for a DVM DX account is easy and quick. Begin by logging into  Click on “Register now”. 

You will be directed to the DVM Dx signup page.  Fill in each field and click on the green “Create Account” button.


A message will pop up with notification that your email will be validated. 


You will receive an email to your Account email address. Once you receive your email invitation, click the link highlighted in the email.

You’ve created your account and will be automatically logged into the Case view of DVM DX shown below. Next time you sign in, you’ll use your use email and password to log in to this view.

You are now ready to create your first case. You can start simply by clicking on the blue "+ New Case" button in the upper left hand corner of the Cases view.

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