Referring a Case

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Referring a Case

A Case can be referred to a User in your Referral Network by opening the Case to the Overview page where you will see the “Refer a Case Section”.  You can click the drop down box to choose a User who have joined your Referral Network. Choose the User you want to refer the Case to and then click on the blue “Refer Case” button. 


A popup window will ask to confirm that you intend to refer a Case.


If a User has specific Terms and Pricing associated with their Services, you will see a pop up window titled “Referral Terms” with that information.  Click Accept to accept terms and pricing and complete the process.


Once you have referred a case, it will be noted in the Refer Case section.  This is also the section that you can cancel a Referral by clicking on the “Cancel Referral” button on the right side of the section.  If a Referral is cancelled, the Case will no longer populate the DVM Dx Cases screen of the Referral Network Account.



The User that you are referring the Case to will receive an email alerting them of that request. That User will be able to accept the Referral by clicking a link in the email. 



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