Reviewing a Referred Case

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Reviewing a Referred Case

Once the User accepts the referral, the referred Case will show in the Cases screen for the Referral Account and it will be highlighted in blue to show that it is a referred Case.  The Case can be reviewed, notes, photos and videos added and additional comments and diagnosis can be added to the Case.


The User who referred the Case will be able to see the Case in their own account even if it is being edited by the HCP in the Referral Network. 

A referred Case can be opened, evaluated and additional notes and media can be added using the normal editing features.

The Diagnosis can be edited and additional comments and notes can be added but the Case can only be Completed/Signed by the originating Health Care Provider once the Referral has been finished.

When the Referral is complete, click on the Overview screen and add any last comments in the Notes section.  Click the blue “Finish Referral” button.

A popup window will ask to confirm that the Referral is complete.

Click on Confirm.  The Referring User will receive an email when the Referral is complete and the Case will no longer be visible in the Cases view of the Referral Account. The Case is always accessible to view in the original Account in which it was created. 


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