Setting up a Referral Network

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A unique and valuable feature of DVM Dx allows Users to refer Cases to other DVM Dx Users for review, consultation and additional diagnostics.  In order to use this feature, a Referral Network must be configured in your DVM Dx account. A default list is populated in every DVM Dx account as a resource for DVM Dx Accounts.

Setting up a Referral Network

In order to add to or manage your Referral Network, log into your DVM Dx Account. Once you are logged into your Account there are several ways to manage your Referral Network.

Option 1:  Click on the blue “Name” Button in the upper right hand corner.  Click on “Referral Network”. 

You will be directed to the Referral Network Screen where you will invite other DVM Dx users to join your Referral network.  ** Every DVM Dx User has an editable default Referral Network populated in this area. 

To add additional Users, enter the name or email of the User you are inviting and drop down menu will display Users that can be clicked on. Or add the email address of the User you are inviting and hit the Enter key. 



When an email address is added, an email is sent to the User inviting them to join the Referral Network. That User is required to accept an invitation to your Referral Network before you can refer cases to that User.




When you receive the notification that a User has accepted an invitation to join the Referral Network, you can now refer Cases for review.



Option 2: From the “Cases” screen, click the green “pencil” icon or blue “page” icon to edit the Case. The Case will open to the Overview page where you will see the “Refer a Case” section.  You can click the drop down box to review the Users who have joined your Referral Network or you can add a new User by clicking on the blue “Manage Referral Network” on the right side of that section.  That will take you to the Referral Network screen where you will follow the instructions above. 



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