Adding Users to your DVM Dx Account [Video]

Jill Kahkoska -

“Users” on your DVM Dx account are the clients and colleagues who will be initiating Cases for a Health Care Professional’s review and diagnosis.  Adding Users to your DVM Dx account will allow them to access DVM Dx features and submit Cases for review. 

 In order to invite Users to your account, log into the DVM Dx Cases screen and click on the green Account button.  Click on Users.

The Users screen will allow you to review current Users on an Account and invite new Users to your account. Click in the field next to “Invite others” and add the email for the new User you are inviting.  Make sure to pick the correct Role for the user.  See more information about Roles here.


Click on the blue “Invite” button and your new User will receive an email that contains the instructions needed for sign up. 

You can see how many pending invitations you have by looking at the grey circle next to the “Pending invitations” field. 

If you click on “Pending Invitations, you will see the details of Users who have not yet accepted your invitation.

You can resend your invitation from this screen or Delete the invitation if you no longer wish to add a User.



Once a User has accepted your invitation and signed up on the DVM Dx web portal, you will see them listed in your User screen. 

In the User screen, you can also make a User an Account Administrator for your account by clicking in the box next to their name and then clicking the blue “Make Administrator” button.  There can be more than one Account Administrator on an Account. 


Once a User has been added to your account, they can add Cases to DVM Dx for review.  

Watch the video below for a quick tutorial through the entire process. 

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