Creating and Managing Groups

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Creating a Unique User Group

“Groups” are unique collections of “Users”. Creating groups in DVM Dx allows an Account Administer to manage multiple clients or producers, create segmentation within a practice, and ensures data security of Cases. A Group must have unique Locations and Users in a specific Group can only see Cases created by members of that group. Users can belong to multiple Groups.  

In order to create a Group, click on the green “Account” button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click on “Groups” to begin setting up a unique Group.

If you are setting up a new Group for the first time, your list of Groups will be empty. Begin by clicking on the blue “Create Group” button on the upper left side of the screen.


A “Create Group” pop up window will appear and the name of the new group, email of the group/account administrator and a description of the group is entered. Be as detailed as possible in naming and describing your Groups.


It is recommended that you name a Group using a client name if Groups are being used to manage multiple clients. Once the fields in the “Create Group” window have been filled in, click on the blue “Create Group” button.


Once a Group is created, an Account/Group Administrator can Invite Users to the Group, Add Locations to the Group or add another Group.


  • Even if a User is already a member of an existing Account, they must be added to the new Group in order to Create and Edit Cases in the Group.
  • Each Group requires at least one Location to be created/added in order to create a Case.


Adding Users to a Group

To add Users to the group, click on the green “Invite Users to the Group” button.


A full list of Users on the account will be visible. To add a User to a Group, type in the email and role of the invitee next to the grey “Invite Others” box. Click the blue “Invite” button and an automated email will be generated to your User inviting them to the Group.


Once an invitation has been sent, you will see the count in the “Pending Invitation” circle.


To see Users in the Group (once they accept the email invitation), click on the green “Account” button on the top left of the screen and choose Users from the drop down. A full list of the Users signed up for the Group will be available in the “Users” screen. Users can be removed from the Group or made Administrators in this same screen.


Once a User signs up through the email, they will be able to login to DVM Dx and have access to the Cases and Data available for that group.


  • A User can be in more than one Group.
  • If a User is in multiple Groups, they can switch back and forth between Groups to see Cases or they can choose to View Cases for All Accounts using the green “Account” button.

An Account Administrator must use the green “Account” button to switch to the Parent Account in order to view/manage all Groups.


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