Taking and Adding Pictures and Videos to a Case in the DVM Dx App

Jill Kahkoska -

Taking and Adding Pictures to a Case

Adding pictures to a case is an integral feature of the DVM Dx App.  In any page that has a “Media” box, you can add pictures by:

  1. Tapping the Camera icon and taking a photo using your phone camera.
  2. Tapping the Photo icon and choosing a photo from the camera roll on your phone.
  3. Tapping the Video icon and take up to a 10 second video to add to your media documentation.


Once the photo or video has been added, there will be a thumbnail available to view in the “Media” field. You can tap on the photo to see it in a larger format. You can also delete the photo by tapping the red “-“ circle icon.

This process can be used in any of the protocol tabs or pages in the App.

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