Adding Notes or Additonal Documents to a Case in the Web Portal

Jill Kahkoska -

Adding Notes or Additional Documents to a Case

DVM Dx allows the addition of Notes and Documents to Cases in order to fulfill protocol requirements. For users who are “Producers”, this is primarily done in the “Overview” section.

To add a note, click on the blue “+” button in the notes section.

A window will pop up that allows the entry of comments or notes by clicking in the field and adding text. Click on the “Create Note” button and the notes will be captured as a permanent entry in the Case history.

Documents are added using the same process that is used to add Photos. Click in the “Upload Documents” field and you can either add a file from a directory or drag and drop a file from an already opened window. A status bar allows you to see the file progress. Once the file is loaded, click on the blue “Done” button and the documentation becomes a permanent entry in the Case history.

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