Capturing and Adding Pictures/Video to a Case in the Web Portal

Jill Kahkoska -

Capturing and Adding Pictures/Video to a Case

Adding pictures or Videos to a case is an integral feature of the DVM Dx platform. In any tab that has a “Media” box, you can simply click in the box to either open a directory on your computer, or you can drag and drop photographs or video from an already open window.

To add media from a directory, click in the box and the directory will open so you can easily choose the media that you want to add.

When you choose the picture/video to add, it will begin loading with the progress indicated using a status bar.

When the media is fully loaded, there will be a thumbnail available to view in the “Media” window.

Multiple photos or videos can be added at once by using the “shift” or “Ctrl” keys to select more than one photo in the directory. Once those photographs have been uploaded, you will see all the thumbnails for the photos selected in the Media section.

This process can be used in any of the protocol tabs listed on the left.



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