Quick Start Instructions for Reporting

Alyssa Ortiz -

Once Reporting has been turned on for your account, the “Reporting” button will be visible at the top of your Workspace.


After you click on “Reporting”, a new section opens to the left of your Workspace. This is called the “Builder” section for the report.




First, you will choose the type of cases you would like to create the report for i.e. Prescriptions, Veterinary Feed Directives, or paper records. Once you have selected the type of report you are running, you will then choose your specific filters. You have the ability to add multiple different fields for a report. Each time you select a field, it will show up in the column on the left of your screen.


If you select a field by accident, you can delete that field by placing your mouse in the specific field and clicking the “X” that appears to the left of the field.



After you have selected all the fields you need and have completed your report, click the download icon in the upper right-hand side of the report. You will see that it gives you two options to select from, you can choose either a CSV or an XLSX file.  Once you click your option, it will automatically download to your computer.



RxExpress automatically names the file “data”. You will be able to change the file name once you open the file and save it on your computer.



That’s it! You have completed your first report from RxExpress.

Happy Reporting!



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