Managing Premises with Memorize in RxExpress

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This article covers managing your premise information using Memorize as a kind of address book. More information about other methods for managing your premises can be found in this article: Overview of Managing Premises in RxExpress.

The Memorize feature in RxExpress allows you to capture Premise information (aka farms, growers, locations, etc.) so they are easily reused when you create future VFDs that include those premises. You can get your data into the system in several ways to use this method:

  • Manually enter the data for your clients.
    • This method is particularly useful if you don't already know the premise information for your clients.
  • Import your Premise data into a test VFD.

In this article, we will cover how to manually enter the data and how to upload the data in bulk.

Manually Add Data

This is the simplest method for building up your premise information in RxExpress, and it's particularly useful if you don't have all the information up front for all of your clients. 

While you're in a VFD or Prescription, click the Client/Complex step in the left menu.

Fill out the information for the client in the top section of the page, then scroll down to the Premises section.

One blank premise has been created for you. Fill in the information for the premise using the fields. Any field marked with an asterisk is required. 

You can add or remove premises from the list. 

  • The blue + button will add a premise to the end of the list. 
  • The blue button will remove the top premise from the list.
  • The trash can button to the right side of each premise will remove that specific premise.

Once you have added all your premises for that client, complete the VFD as you normally would.

The next time you create a VFD for that client, simply select that client from Memorize. Not only will the client's information populate in the top section, the most recent set of premises will populate as well. 

You can add and remove premises from this list using the buttons identified above. 

Additionally, when you are adding premises, you can select any premise you have previously identified by using the Memorize field to search for that premise. 

Import Your Premise Data

RxExpress allows you to import all your premise data from a CSV file. A CSV file is a special kind of spreadsheet that allows quick creation and importing of data. 

Before you begin: The Premise information must be uploaded using a specific format. You can download the template file by clicking here. Once you've downloaded the file, enter the information for your premises into the file and save it somewhere easily accessible. Then, you can complete the steps shown in this section. 

Once you have added your data to the CSV file, create a test VFD.

Click the Client / Complex step in the left menu.


Scroll down to the bottom of the screen.

Click anywhere inside the gray box labeled "Drag and Drop CSV file here OR click anywhere to select CSV file".

Navigate to the place on your computer where you saved your Premise information file. 

Select the file. Note that only CSV files are selectable. All other file types are dithered out.

Click the Open button.

It may take some time for RxExpress to process your import, depending on how much information you are uploading and the speed of your Internet connection. You'll see a blue bar on the top of the screen while RxExpress is processing the data. Once this blue bar is gone and the word "Saved" appears in the upper-left portion of the screen, you can go back to your Workspace and delete this test VFD. 

Now, on all future VFDs, you'll be able to use Memorize to search for your premises. 


Note: Using this method, only the user who imported the data will see the premises in Memorize. If you'd like all your users to have access to the data in Memorize, either have each user walk through this process, or contact us at

We can only import your data if you have all of the information available in a spreadsheet or CSV file. 

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